10 Things to Consider When Hiring a Landscape Professional


1.  Are they licensed in the state of New Jersey?

 Every company providing landscape construction services in the state of NJ must have a Home Improvement Contractors License — this insures the company has met minimums regarding insurance coverage and references of previous work. 


2.  Is the landscape company fully knowledgeable and do they have strong field experience?  

Watch out for new start up companies with minimal experience. Companies with a long established history are able to provide you with a quality outcome. Insist on working with degreed professionals of horticulture and landscape design as they have the “know-how” to provide you with a beautiful and long lasting landscape.

3.  Are they fully insured?

Do they carry Liability and Workers Compensation Insurance for every worker that will be on site? 

4.  Is the crew doing the work on the payroll?

Sub-contractors and day workers keep the costs low but trained payroll staff tend to be more responsive with higher skill levels resulting in more quality work.

5.  Are they known for starting a job and completing a job without delays or interruptions? 

Are they motivated to complete projects in a timely fashion? Ask for an approximate start date, duration of project, and completion date. Find out if they are truly well known for doing what they say they will do, so you can insure  your job will be completed both professionally and timely. 

6.  Can you reach them by cell phone or email?

Communication is key to any project. You want your landscaper to be available and responsive.  

7.  Will they preview the job with you before they start the project, and will your expectations be met? 

Know what to expect. Insist on a site meeting to carefully review your project and mark out the exact locations of where the work will be performed BEFORE the work is started. Again, communication is key.

8.  Will the payment and start dates as per the agreement be clearly defined? 

Never pay a large sum up front for work to be done. Never enter into an agreement without a clear idea as to an approximate start and completion date, and clear payment terms. 

9.  Does your landscape company provide quality and professional work?

Always check references if you are not familiar with the landscaper. Ask to see pictures of completed jobs, a client referral list (more than just a few chosen names), testimonial letters, etc. Make sure the crews will be neatly uniformed and fully trained and will also take pride in leaving the work site immaculately clean each day of the job.

10.  Are they well known for excellent customer service?   

Make sure the company is very available for you and committed to customer service. Find out if they have a physical location for you to come in to, in case you needed to speak with your designer or other company representatives in person to preview your selections, tag specific plants or materials, or any other matters.