Our Landscape Design Studio on Rt. 31 — Transforming a 200-year-old Victorian House

In 1990, Jim Brophy purchased the recently renovated 200-year-old landmark house that is the home of Rutgers Landscape Design Studio. This Victorian Style house and property were part of a Christmas Tree Farm operation back then, and prior to this the property served as a Goat Milk Dairy Farm. Fortunately there were some photos that were kept: there were four photos, and although very old, they were professionally taken photos that were passed down by each homeowner over the years, dated as far back as 1903. With these photos in hand, and with the assistance of architect John Wolstenholme, of Wolstenholme Associates, the home was restored to it’s original condition in 2013, adding the front tower and front porch, both of which had been abandoned over the years. Hurricane Sandy was an indirect influence to the restoration project as well, for many large trees surrounding the home were taken down in this storm, but the home was spared. Today inside the home you will find original wide plank pine floors, as well as the elegance of very high ceilings, and interior window shutters that reflect a very special time. All who see it have the same to say, “they just don’t make ’em like this anymore.” Rutgers Landscape Design was proud to make this home into something truly special again, and where it sits close to the road and up high on the hill, we feel it re-states and re-establishes its elegance to all that pass her by.