Garden Coach Program

Garden Coach Program

Sometimes all your garden needs is a little one-on-one coaching...

Rutgers Landscape & Nursery’s Garden Coach program offers an experienced set of eyes to help you find your garden’s potential. The Garden Coach is able to advise you on-site, one-on-one and can show you how to deal with most garden tasks.

The Garden Coach can provide help with:
  • Plant identification (What is that tree anyway?)

  • Plant selection for your specific circumstances (What can I plant in that wet area?)

  • Guidance on plant placement and bed preparation (That lilac really wants to be in full sun...)

  • Step by step instruction on planting a vegetable or herb garden (Your soil has lots of clay. You’ll want to amend it with…)

  • Problem solving (Why is my pine tree turning brown?)

  • How and why to correctly prune and deadhead (Oops — don’t prune those rhodies in the Fall!)

  • Pest and disease analysis (Is this a good bug?)

  • Fertilizing advice (Should I compost?)

  • Developing a maintenance calendar (Here’s what you need to be doing while the plants are dormant…)


Garden Coach Sessions 

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