Common Problems/FAQ


Q  What type of services does Rutgers Landscape and Nursery offer?

A  We are a complete landscape nursery, offering design and installation services. We also grow a majority of our own nursery stock on over 60 acres. We are ICPI certified (Interlocking Concrete Pavement Institute) and offer complete hardscape and landscape designs including walkways, patios, raised patios, and retaining walls using all types of materials including paving stones and blocks as well as natural materials such as blue stone, flagstone, and fieldstone.


Q  How much mulch, topsoil or stone do I need?

A Click Here for a quick and easy calculator.


Q  My newly planted shrub (plant, tree) is turning yellow. What should I do?

A  Be sure your new plants are receiving adequate moisture/water. Never assume plants need more or less water without checking moisture levels first. Take your hands and dig into the top two inches of the soil/mulch to check the moisture around the plant. Follow our Care and Maintenance Instructions, which is given at the time of purchase. If you’re still not sure, call us.


Q  Do I need to water my shrubs and trees during the winter?

A  If there is no snow covering and we have not had much precipitation, then watering is required during the winter months, especially for new evergreen plants. From our Home Page click “Nursery” and then “Maintenance and Care Tips” to find “Planting and Care Instructions.”


Q  Do I fertilize my newly planted shrubs?

A  Generally speaking you do not need to, as the plants come with a slow release fertilizer that will feed the plants for 6 to 9 months. Fertilizing is recommended for most gardens after the first year to keep a proper pH of your soil, preferably somewhere between 6.0 and 6.5 is ideal for most plants. You can have your soil tested by contacting your local county extension service.


Q  Do you cut lawns?

A  No. We grow nursery stock, design and install landscapes, and do limited maintainance work. We also do not apply pesticides or herbicides, or perform arborist services.


Q  Do you guarantee your plant material?

A  Yes, we do. Our Warranty is for two years when we do the planting. If you plant them yourself, the plants are covered for three months.


Q  My newly planted Cherry Laurels are turning brown. What should I do?

A  Broadleaf evergreens, in particular, are susceptible to winter damage/wind desiccation. They require extended warm temperatures for the new growth to flush out the old dying growth. Continue proper watering procedures and report to us if there is no improvement after a reasonable amount of time. Most often it takes a prolonged time of warmer weather to see improvement, usually by mid-June.


Q  Do you have a hardscape warranty?

A  Yes. Hardscape we install is covered for five years.


Q  When is the best time of year to plant grass seed?

A  The best time of year for the planting of grass is August 15th through October 15th due to the warm soil temperatures and cooler night time temperatures.


Q  Do you do grading?

Not as an exclusive service, but we do minor grading needed during a landscape installation.


Q  Do you install irrigation systems?

A  No, we do not.


Q  Do you offer free design?

Our nursery is happy to consult with you working from photographs and measurements or doing basic plantings. For more involved projects we do charge a design fee that gets rolled back into the project when you sign on with us.


How long does it take to meet with a landscape designer once I make a request for a consultation?

A  Our designers generally can schedule a time to meet with you within 7 days. Sometimes much sooner depending on the time of year.


Q  How long does it take to get a design/estimate once I meet with a landscape designer?

A  Depending on the work, a patio, walkway, or mulching estimate can be completed in as little as a day. A landscape plan with estimate is usually presented to a client within 7-10 days.


Q  Does Rutgers Landscape and Nursery install Landscape Lighting?

A  Yes. Our all-metal fixtures also carry 10-year manufacturer warranties and lifetime manufacturer warranties on the transformers.


Q  How much is in one yard of mulch or topsoil in volume? How large of an area will it cover?

A  One yard of topsoil or mulch is approximately six heaping wheelbarrels and will cover approximately 162 sq. ft. at a depth of 2 inches, or roughly a 100 sq. ft. area at a depth of 3".


Q  Are there any ways I can visualize what my landscape may look like before work begins?

A  Yes! Our designers use many tools to aid in visualizing what your landscape may look like prior to a shovel hitting the ground. By showing a customer catalogs, pictures, and our computer imaging service, clients have the ability to see what their landscape may look like before any work begins. Prior to most landscape jobs we also “spray out with marking paint” all landscapes so you can see the final layout and give the final approval.


Q  Do you install wood decks?

A  We do not install wood decks, however we pride ourselves in our beautiful raised patios. Unlike wood decks, raised patios can be installed to absolutely any shape imaginable. Patios are also extremely low-maintenance and can last a lifetime.