New Plants Are Tender. Please Read below to assist you with your concerns

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It is a common and temporary condition for newly planted “softer foliage” plants to dry, burn, or lose leaves. While plants go through this phase, they will gradually acclimate to their new surroundings and are not harmed by this. Generally, you will usually start to see the visual proof in about two weeks in most cases, as new leaves and buds will push through and grow when your plants are watered consistently, not too much, nor too little. We cannot overstate this. Watering properly is the key. Please remember to be patient, keep your soil around the plants mildly moist, not soaked or too wet, nor rock-hard and dry. You cannot rush mother nature, nor can you ignore her. To avoid stress to your new plants, it is always best to water your new plants just enough and daily for the first full week.

Things to Know:   
First a few words about Winter! Coping with winter damage on trees and shrubs. Click here for information.
  • Many plants will WILT simply due to their introduction into a new environment, plus conditions such as wind, sun, and available moisture/water.
  • Some plants WILT when they are feeling too wet. Yes, too wet! If you have been following the correct watering schedule and your plant begins to wilt, always check the moisture level at the top of the trunk of the plant with your fingers, and then if unsure, take your fingers and check at the bottom of the root ball before continuing to water. Over-watering can cause wilting and even root rot. Of course, if the plant has not received enough water, this will cause wilt and plant stress too. Click Here for Watering Directions.
  • If your newly installed plants appear stressed, you should call us or stop by. Please keep in mind that any immediate replacement plants will likely go through the same stress stage, so it’s usually best to tough it out with your existing plant. It can take anywhere from 2 to 8 weeks for most new plants to acclimate themselves to their new environment and return to normal again, but once they do, they are usually tough as nails! 
  • Finally, if you’re planting in Autumn, your new plants will always defoliate before your established plants in the landscape. Don’t worry, this is normal, and this usually starts happening about a month earlier.

If you are not sure or have any further questions after reading this, please call us at 908-788-2600. We will be happy to assist you and are always available to discuss your needs. Some of the most COMMON PLANT ISSUES can be found by Clicking on the links below for information pertaining to these specific plants:

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