Rutgers Warranty

Rutgers Nursery offers a two-year warranty including delivery and labor for up to two visits on all trees and shrubs purchased from and planted by us.† We offer a one-year warranty on perennials planted by Rutgers Nursery. We offer a three-month warranty on trees, shrubs, and perennials purchased from us and planted by you. 

The over 98% success rate of our plants represents the care that our growers and industry professionals take in their propagation, growing, maintenance, site selection, handling, and planting. If you have concerns about your plants, our Customer Care staff will determine what steps should be taken to restore them to health or if they need replacement. Our plants and facility are inspected by the New Jersey Department of Agriculture, and we also warranty our plants to be true to name.

Plants must be purchased on an account in our computer system so that we may verify its history. Your plants must be planted in the ground and cared for according to our Care and Maintenance Guide provided in-store.

We recommend using deer or other animal repellents and trunk guards as we cannot warranty against animal damage. Monitor your plants for pests such as insects or disease. We can help you fix these problems but cannot warranty against them as these are forces beyond our control. We do not warranty plants in pots or raised planters. If you transport the plants yourself, we recommend wrapping and covering them if not inside a closed vehicle. We are not responsible for damages sustained during transport. We are not responsible for loss or damage from extreme weather, such as excessive wind, cold temperatures, snow, hail, heavy rainfall, drought, or any other cause over which we have no control. In cases where the root ball of the plant is raised out of the ground or is leaning because of wind or any other reason, the best action is to immediately right the plant if possible, or to cover the exposed root ball with mulch or soil and keep it moist until we can replant it.

If your plant fails for any reason within the terms of this warranty, you will be issued a store credit in the amount you originally spent on the plant.* You may use this credit towards any type of purchase with us.

Our warranty applies to retail customers only and does not apply to purchases on contractor accounts.

Plants in good health may be returned in their original container or intact root ball within 7 days for a full refund. Any other types of hardgoods in original condition may be returned within 30 days for a full refund. Returns past these periods are subject to restocking fees. Receipt or proof of purchase on account is required. Specially ordered material is not refundable.

Restocking Fees
Because of the seasonal and perishable nature of plants, cancellations 30 days past the date of purchase or deposit of plants reserved for delivery or planting will incur a restocking fee equal to 25% of the original price of the plants.

* Rutgers Nursery provides credit in the amount of the original purchase price of the plant. The amount does not include any additional costs such as delivery, labor, or any other products or services. For plants planted by Rutgers Nursery, we will offer the labor to remove and replace the plant one time only. Warranty credit has no expiration date. Warranty of replacement does not guarantee availability of any specific product.

All Crape Myrtles have a three-month warranty only. 

FOR YOUR PROTECTION: We are a professional company, subscribing to the standards of the New Jersey Nursery and Landscape Association (N.J.N.L.A.) and the American Association of Nurserymen (A.A.N.). We carry all applicable insurances and we are licensed by the New Jersey Department of Agriculture.